Have you ever….

Struggled to find and maintain balance?

Maybe you’re telling yourself you’re not doing enough in one area of your life or another.

Or, you have this  “go-go-go” feeling from the time you wake up that leaves you ready to collapse at the end of the day, only for your never-ending “to-do” list to make it tough to fall asleep each night.

Maybe you come home every night feeling energized from your workday only to find yourself an hour later struggling to help with your son’s homework and counting down the minutes until bedtime.

Or, you wonder why the moms on Instagram seem to have it all put together, when you wake up every morning scrambling to find coffee and dreading that whatever you do during the day won’t be quite enough to leave on time in order to catch your daughter’s soccer game.

Sound relatable?

Imagine instead…

Waking up to a chorus of “Mom! Mom!” and feeling calm and confident that whatever challenges happen at work or at home that you’re in control of your day.

Sitting in a meeting with other strong women leaders who lift each other up and respect your commitments when it comes to leaving the office on-time to pick up your kids from daycare.

Shutting the door to your kids’ bedroom after another successful bedtime and feeling love and warmth without shame or guilt. Your kids are pretty awesome, and you’re a great mom.

Getting to bed on-time after another busy day, you feel good – really good! – about showing up as a loving and present mom at home and a confident, capable leader at work.

What if I told you that it’s not only possible, it’s within reach?

About Me

I’m Jess Yocum. I Help Moms in Leadership Like You.

I know these feelings because I have lived them, and what I want for you more than anything is for you to feel like you’re actually pretty awesome (spoiler: you are!).

You may feel like you’re failing, or floundering, and that you’re the only person who finds it hard.

I promise you, you’re not.

And if you’re reading this, you’ve already done the hardest thing. You’ve realized that maybe, just maybe, you don’t have to do this alone.

We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.

Leadership Coaching

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So let’s chat to see how I can help.

It will be 20 minutes well-spent.


What Clients Are Saying

Stack of Rocks

“I learned the value of listening, asking some probing questions and letting the other person work toward their own resolution, which was helpful for me, as I had huge concerns that I had to “have all the answers” as a leader in this organization.”

Abstract Sculpture Made of Geometrical Shapes

“Coaching helped me get to resolutions of issues that were longstanding points of frustration for me.”

Top View Photo of Green Plants

“I was able to explore several issues around my decision to move away from work as my identity.”

eucalyptus, leaves, leaf-4460424.jpg

“Jess asked thoughtful questions that lead to introspection, and prompted me to dig deeper into my thought-processes.”


You’re almost there…

The path to a quiet mind and a sustainable balance is a click away. So why wait?

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